About Me

Hi! I'm Austin, an internal medicine doctor who now focuses on helping people improve their health through better decisions, neuroscience, and lifestyle interventions. I believe our current model of healthcare is unsustainable, and that this is a result of missing true causes of our major issues: poor decision-making, rewired neurochemistry and bad mental health. I explore these topics in my podcast, my articles, my book Brain Wash and in research I've published in the medical literature. 

I'm a big fan of nature exposure as both a hobby and as a medical intervention. I also believe in the power of sleep, empathy, and an anti-inflammatory diet as strategies to improve our physical and mental health. 

I don't have all the answers. My goal is to keep learning. I believe that as humans, we have an incredible potential to heal our bodies and our brains if we just ask the right questions. Join me in the journey! 

  • What early life influences shape our brain programming?

  • How does our mental state translate into success or disaster?

  • How does our body update in response to a changing environment?

  • What does our conscious thought process say about our predisposition to health or illness, what does this translate to in the brain, and how is this influenced by the modern world?

  • How do we define "health?"

  • What are the underlying neurological pathways in depression, and how do we affect them through lifestyle, drugs and potentially psychedelics?